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2k16 Locker Codes

The presence of 2k16 locker codes will provide you with the benefits that you need. For elements other than the players and coaches, Visual Concept does not seem to pay much attention. You will find some of the supporting elements around the field with the quality of the detail view that are quite far down the players and coaches, such as cleaners and also spectators on the sidelines. The detail quality difference is not going to change the thrill of this basketball game. Moreover, look for the support elements are already much better than in NBA 2K16 non-console version of the next generation that really impressed origin.

Another element that is sadly overlooked by the developers of this game is entertainment at halftime. At the beginning of playing this game, you will indeed find some sexy dancer with a view that is much better than before which will probably entertain you. Unfortunately, after a few games, you will begin to realize the fundamental flaws that might make you bored. Whether the shortcoming? You better try to feel it yourself.

A new system for assessing the ability of a player was introduced in NBA 2K16, the Badge. Badge, according to the translation into Indonesian, is a collection of emblems which has its own meaning and effect on the ability of a player. In general, players will have a wide range Badge divided into two categories, Skill and Personality Badge.

Skill Badge demonstrates the ability of its own by a player, such as Break starter that indicates a player who is able to pave the counterattack, Brick Wall that indicates a player who is able to perform well when the last screening, or Pasteurizer which shows the player the ability to dunk high. For Skill Badge, there are several levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold which describes how high a player’s ability related specialties indicated by its badge. Of course, you have to pay attention to anything Skill Badge by a player in order to use them effectively when playing in the field.

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