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About Carrageenan in Overall Sense

You probably have never heard of carrageenan before but be sure that it is included in any processed or packaged foods that are available in the market. Should you be worried of such substance? Will carrageenan affect your health? Can you enjoy the benefits of consuming it? To find the answers, read further and find out the facts.

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A Glimpse of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is basically a stabilizer or a thickener that is added to the foods or beverage to improve the texture. The carrageenan in ice cream or yogurt, for instance, is beneficial to make the form intact and solid. Without the carrageenan, the overall form will be watery and limp – and you definitely don’t want to eat them.

The carrageenan is different from the other types of additives because first, it is natural. It is extracted from the red algae so it isn’t one of the artificial substances made by the scientists in their labs. Because of its natural characteristics, it is pretty safe to consume with minimal risks or side effects. Second, it is processed through a very careful and safe method. There isn’t anything as an acid bath or such thing alike. To extract the carrageenan, you only need to boil the red algae with salt or milk and wait until it becomes thicker. Even you with your own cooking utensils can come up with such a beneficial carrageenan result in your kitchen.

The Long History of Carrageenan

Carrageenan has been used as medicine as well as a food thickener for centuries. The red algae have been used by the Irish people to treat the digestive issue. They also used the carrageenan in their foods. As you can see, the carrageenan is pretty safe. When it was first introduced in the modern food industry, the FDA has claimed it to be safe and harmless. Even until now, the FDA hasn’t found anything wrong with the substance despite the many tests they have done.

Written by Marantz