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Assurance Wireless Application

Assurance Wireless has been available in Kentucky. This product offers us free cell phone and its service which renew every month. We can get 250 minutes free call. Besides that Assurance Wireless gives other free cell phone services, such as text message, call waiting and voice mail. Maybe, this is not the Smartphone that every modern person likes to have one. However, this will help us to connect with other people in the long distance. On the other hand, there is possibility that some of us think that 250 minutes are not enough for a month. We could run out the free call before Virgin Mobile USA renews our monthly data plan. This issue has been thought through which solved by selling extra data plan. The extra data plan is sold cheaply. Then, it cannot cost much fortune.

Application for Assurance Wireless

In Kentucky, the application which is available is one method. We are only able to apply via public assistance program based method. We can involve in the center public program. We can participate in housing program like Federal Public Housing Assistance. One of the concern fields of the government is nutrition. We can take part in Food Stamps or National School Lunch. Otherwise, we can involve in Medicaid. Maybe we can join Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Social Security Program as other national public assistance programs which we can participate to get Assurance Wireless. To know more, visit

Besides participating in public assistance program, we should have valid mailing address to be written in the application form of Assurance Wireless. Then, the government and the company are only allowed us to have one product of free cell phone service. It also means that on our house we cannot have more than one Assurance Wireless or other brand.

Written by Marantz

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