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Best Guitar for Traveling

Traveling will feel even better if we can bring our favorite belonging around. To some, music is a hobby they need to do every day. When I travel, I always miss playing my guitar because somehow, I want to relate to my new experiences with melody from the musical equipment. That’s why I would rather buy a guitar which is designed for traveling experiences.

martin backpacker 3

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of road trips. Sometimes, I would find a cafe or bar where I could play my guitar for a free drink, thanks to Martin backpacker guitar which I can easily carry around. Unlike traditional guitars, this is built for the right space of every traveler. The weight and the size of the guitar is just perfect for backpacking. With the guitar, we can still play with full effect, but without being afraid we don’t have enough space to carry the guitar.

Compact design

The compact design of the backpacker guitar is very compelling. The guitar is designed this way because it is geared toward travelling musicians. We will find no difficulties bringing the guitar around. However, since the guitar is designed to be minimalistic in size, we may find difficulties to get used to it at the first place. However, in no time we will easily get used to the size and design. The solid construction with adjustable tuner enables us to set it for the right tune. We can produce amazing music with the guitar.


A secondary guitar for traveling may sound like an extra cost. However, fear not, this is not the kind of musical equipment that will make you broke. Although both electric and acoustic guitars can cost us a hefty sum of money, the backpacker guitar is only around $200. We can easily buy one of these as a traveling guitar without spending considerable proportion of our traveling money.

Written by Marantz

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