Bring Back the Memories with Wii U

Hello Nintendo people, welcome aboard! Loyal gamers who worship Nintendo, the latest consoles Wii U now lie under your HD TV. Wii U has been around for two years. Good retro games are also following the awakening. Who doesn’t know Mario and Link? Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda are fantastic games. Beside from the old good games, Wii U is worth to have.

The Best Wii U Games for You

WII 10

Nintendo’s latest console, Wii U, is walking slowly since the appearance. But for the last couple of years, the engine is starting to warm up. Slow but sure, Wii U will become the third big player in gaming console beside PS4 and Xbox One. The improvement in games collection is the key. Nintendo builds wide range selection of games available for Wii U.

Looking for the best Wii U games that suit you? We provide the best gaming reviews for Wii U games. Our team is one of the Nintendo’s loyal fans. We choose the best Wii U games in the market to help you decide which games that is worth to buy.

Indeed, Wii U still considers as underdogs in gaming consoles. But that means it doesn’t have good games to play. There are some of the fantastic titles exclusively launched for Wii U. In order to compete with the big players, Nintendo makes collaboration with third-party developers. They work hard to strengthen their   track record.

We provide the review for several amazing games like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Super Mario series. We try our best to write those reviews in order to give you a deep overview of the games. Besides the trademark games from Nintendo, we also review third-party games such as Lego Dimensions, Guitar Hero Live, and etc.

Written by Marantz

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