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Building Love with Buy SoundCloud Comments

Private Messages

SoundCloud allows you to message other users on the platform privately. If you are uploading a new track, reward your most engaged fans by sending them a secret link before anyone else or let them know about an upcoming show.

Fans’ voices

Actively engage fans by inviting recorded feedback, messages or comments. It could be a simple as asking fans to leave a Happy Birthday message to the artist. Take notice of the peaks in your artist’s plays and focus on exact dates to find out why. You can pick a specific period of time on the top right to analyze the stats.


Bandcamp is a site that gives users the unique opportunity to sell their music online, free of charge. Unlike iTunes, listeners are able to listen to a full song as often as they want before purchasing. Artists can either set a price or ask for a donation. On one hand, free listening gives your fans more of a drive to share your Bandcamp profile with their friends. On the other hand, this gives people less of a need to buy your music. You’ll have to work to make people want to buy your music by promoting your Bandcamp page on your other sites and prompting users to buy.

Social Twitter Comments

Twitter is a social networking site, used by everyone from notable celebs to POTUS. The concept behind it is to provide a texting service over the Internet where users can “tweet” blurbs of 140 characters or less at a time to a large quantity of people at once. Bands and artists can use Twitter as a promotional tool for concerts, albums, and merchandise. They can provide links to music online as well as link their Twitter account to their MySpace and Facebook.  If you want to know more social Twitter comments, you will be surprised to buy SoundCloud comments.

Written by Marantz

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