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Collecting DNA Samples For Paternity Testing

When it comes to paternity testing, there are some procedures that should be completed before accepting the result from the test. I have a friend and she is going to have DNA testing for court purpose to support her claims. I accompany her in any procedures for testing making me know anything about this test. This improves my knowledge about paternity that will be useful in the future if my family or I want to take the same test.


To complete a DNA testing, it is important to find and choose one of DNA testing service company that spread in all part of the country would be the first thing to do before collecting DNA samples that will be tested. After everything is set, the next procedure in DNA testing is collecting DNA samples that will be tested in the laboratory of DNA testing service company. This is the most important to do because without the samples, the test cannot be performed.

How to collect DNA samples for DNA testing?

The DNA samples for all of DNA testing are taken from father and child that will be tested. To collect the samples, it is very easy that is by taking cheek (buccal) swabs. These swabs are almost the same with Q-Tip. To take cheek (buccal) swabs, the client should swab the inside of the cheek gently. To compile enough DNA samples, take the cheek swabs for a short time. The collected DNA samples from these swabs will be enough to perform a DNA test and get an accurate result for it.

The experts of the company will show the clients on how to do it or they will do it for them so that this procedure will be completed well. DNA samples are the key for accurate result of paternity testing.

Written by Marantz

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