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Common Natural Ingredients for Facial Masks

Facial treatments are used for maintaining the health of your skin so it remains soft, smooth, and moist without fine lines or acne. And as you know, there are several steps of facial that you are going to get when visiting a salon; one of those is masking. Yep, applying a mask on your face can help you to tighten your skin as well as making it pleasant to touch. A high quality treatment of Los Angeles Facial definitely has the secret mask formula which is effective to do so. Besides the chemical ones, natural ingredients are also used to give you the best result and here are some of them:



This tropical fruit is well-known for its healthy fat and also high level of vitamin E which is good for your skin. Facial mask using avocadoes is perfect for you who have relatively dry skin. How do you know that you have dry skin? Every time you clean your face, it will feel tight and dry. Dangerously, the tightness of your dry skin makes you have wrinkles, flaking and red patches. You have to deal with it.

Aloe Vera

Besides avocadoes, you can choose natural facial mask of Aloe Vera which is very good to soften and moisture your dry skin. Sometimes, the dryness of your skin is due to lack of water and the gel the plant has the power to hydrate it. Aloe Vera is commonly used with avocadoes and honey to be a facial mask.


Interestingly, you can have both dry and oily skin called combination type. For your unique skin, the most suitable facial mask is the rose-based. The natural ingredient helps you to hydrate your skin and deal with the excessive oil at the same time. Consult your beautician what kind of facial mask that is nice for you.

Written by Marantz

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