Facts about Free Government Cell Phones Program

Over the years, the thing about ‘government cell phone’ or ‘Obama phone’ has been heard quite often, claimed as one of the government programs designed to help people have better access in communication. Although the hype has just recently heard, the existence of such program has been around for quite some time, so it’s not something new. In case you are interested in learning more or you want to take part within the same project, read more.


The History

You think this Obama phone program has just been set up after Obama became President? You don’t know the exact history, then. This program from http://discoverlifeline.com/ has been around since the 1980s, so it has run for more than two decades now. The idea is to provide the financially less fortunate people with assistance in communication so they can enjoy better access in everything – especially in medical assistance and better job opportunity.

When the program started, it was set up for landlines. Over the years, the programs have experienced slight changes although it remained focused on one subject: the communication. Some programs might offer financial assistance and support on a monthly basis while others might offer free phone and also free minutes. It seems that mobile phone is considered more important than landlines that most of the government programs are designed to provide free mobile phones for the eligible ones.

The Current Condition

For now, the provider for this free phone giveaway is the Assurance Wireless, which is the second biggest phone carrier in Lifeline Assistance program in America. It provides free phone within 29 different states as well as District of Columbia. Virgin Mobile oversees the Assurance Wireless for now.

Besides getting a free mobile phone, users can also enjoy 500 free minutes on the first 4 months, and then 350 free minutes on the following months.

Written by Marantz

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