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Free phones in United States seem to be a rare case, however, there government does offer free government phones for those who are qualified. It is not surprising if few people know this program although it has been established since many years ago since the advertisement didn’t really go well. Fortunately, this article will give brief information about these free government cell phones which can really be derived without having to spend our money at all. It comes with many models and types hence we can freely choose any phones that we like without being charged. Nevertheless, there are some stuffs that is important to be noted before we proceed in getting those free phones. Below are some requirements to get these phones which are so renowned with the name of Obama Phone.

Three Requirements

First thing to be noted is that we need to be a permanent resident of the some states which have applies this free phone program. Yes, not all states in US have this program hence it is important to dig more information about the availability of this program throughout all US states. If our residence is the part of this program coverage then we may proceed to fulfill the second requirement. The second requirement would be to earn certain amount of salary which has been decided by the government. Each state has a different salary threshold therefore we can get free phones with a lower or a higher salary threshold in other states. The last requirement would be to sign up to the federal assistance program. This is the last step to get those free phones where our resident and our salary will be questioned later on in this program administration. If we’d like to know more about this free phones program, type DiscoverLifeLine in your search engine and your answer will be all there.

Written by Marantz

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