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Get Ticket Bus From Kuching to Bintulu and Explore the City bus from Kuching to Bintulu823742 Full view

Get Ticket Bus From Kuching to Bintulu and Explore the City

            Nowadays, travelling is not a luxurious opportunity anymore. Everyone can travel easily since there are many ways to get the transportation. You can have any tickets without hassles. Whenever you need, you have the access to the online booking ticket website. This time, you want to explore the big industrial city, Bintulu. This city is located in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. It is not difficult to get the bus from Kuching to Bintulu. This city is located at the mouth of the Kamena River. It is well known because of the largest single-site petroleum gas. Moreover, this city is famous because of the peace and harmony of the multi-racial population.

  • Places to Visit

There are some places to visit in Bintulu. You do not want to stay in the hotel room all day long,right? What is the point of having a bus from Kuching to Bintulu tickets? You want to have fun in this city. Therefore, do not hesitate to open your smartphone and find the direction to Similajau National Park. This is the main tourist attraction of Bintulu. You are able to enjoy the magnificent view of the forest and the golden sand. Definitely, do not miss the chance to gain more knowledge about nature and animals here. Next, there is Council Negara Memorial. This is a historical site. You are able to expand your knowledge about the Sarawak’s first State Legislative Assembly.

It is worth to go by bus from Kuching to Bintulu. The next place to visit is Pasar Tamu. This time, you have to prepare your stomach. This place is the heaven for the food lovers. The merchants sell a range of local products, including your favorite traditional foods. Do not forget to try the famous food named Bintulu Belacan. The Shrimp paste is unique and delicious. Furthermore, you can get the stunning and uninterrupted view of Bintulu’s oil and gas facilities and structures. Just go to the small observation tower, the Kidurong Tower. It is located at Tanjung Kidurong. The best time to see the view is after the dark.

Written by Marantz