Health Benefits of Archery

Archery is a fun sport. And not just that, it also brings many health benefits too. If you haven’t taken any archery lessons yet, you should. Here are the health benefits that you will gain.


Yes, archery will improve your strength. By practicing a proper draw, you strengthen your arms, hands, shoulders, chest and core. When you start doing this sport, do not try to draw a bow with too much draw weight. That can cause injury. Have a professional to set your bow to the proper draw weight. Then, as you build your strength and skill, you can increase the weight.


A lot of things happen quickly to execute a good shot.

First, you place your feet. Nock the arrow. Grip the bow, pull the string. Find your anchor point. And finally, release.

These steps take just a few seconds. Yet, each of them affects your shot. No need to worry. Consistent practice will create muscle memory. Thus, your shooting becomes more instinctive.

In other words, your body will have better coordination.


Archers learn to focus on their form, tune out all distractions and release the string consistently. Your concentration will improve as you practice archery. And this will help you not only in archery but other aspects of your life as well.

Also, if you want to learn to cope with high-pressure situations, you should join tournaments.



Archery also works out your lower body. Indeed. You should expect to walk a lot during bowhunting or when you move between targets. Even if you don’t walk during practice, drawing a bow burns about 140 calories per 30 minutes.


It may be surprising, but yes, archery can help you relax. Releasing an arrow, watching it flies and hearing it hits a target can relieve stress.

Written by Marantz