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How to get Pulao Tioman with the ferry?

If you want to get more landscape views on your abroad holiday, you can go to Indonesia because there are lots of natural and great spot you can go. There are many beaches, mountains, rainforest and many things. The only problem when you are going to go to that big country and visit the natural spot is the expensive fee to afford because Indonesia is so big. Indeed, they have a great spot but the way to catch is just expensive, but the price is same to the view you will get for your holiday. If you want still to get the beautiful landscape for your holiday, you can try Malaysia that has Pulau Tioman. It has been number one leading place that many tourists have come to getting its beauty. Many of them have tried to go there and feel the most fabulous experience there. How to get there and does it need high price to explore that island? Here we have the answers, and you need to make sure that you notice always we will offer.

Easybook.com is the answer


When you are going to go to that island, you need to go to Mersing Jetty first because it is the only one spot to catch the island. If you come from Kuala Lumpur, you can find the bus route first from KL to Johor. Then after you have booked the bus ticket, you have to find the ticket for the ferry to across the island. Go to easybook.com/ferry-ticket/Mersing_Jetty-to-Pulau Tioman and then find the right schedule departing. If you go from KL, make space of time at least 2 hours to make sure that your bus will delay, and you have no time to prepare your sailing with the ferry. There will be some method of payments, choose one of them to confirm your booking payment.

Written by Marantz