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Kitchenware and Recipes Part 9: Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper kjokkenutstyrog Full view

Kitchenware and Recipes Part 9: Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper

For some people especially woman, cooking is a favorite activity to do. It is one of the interesting thing to train creativity. Thanks to the advancement in the innovation and technology, because there are so many innovations for kitchenware that will be very useful for those who like to cook. Now, cooking can be really fun because of these creative innovations that will make you never getting bored of cooking. This article will discuss about a cool invention for your kitchen that will surprise you. Lastly, this post will give you a simple recipe to use the kitchenware to make delicious menu. Let’s have fun with cooking!

How to Use It

Sunnyside silicon egg shaper is a silicon mold for you sunny side up egg. The way to use it by crashing the egg on the frying pan very carefully to get the perfect round on the yellow part of the sunny side up egg. Then, put the silicon mold very carefully on top of the egg as the yellow one is in the circle part of the mold, while the cloud’s part is filled with the white part of the egg. It is very simple, but you need to be extra careful.

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Be Creative with Sunnyside Silicon Egg Shaper

There are so many menu with sunny side up egg as the main part, especially European breakfast. This post will discuss the creative European breakfast that you can make by using Sunnyside silicon egg shaper. The ingredients that you will need are eggs, broccoli, carrots, bacon and sausage. Firstly, boil the broccoli and carrots in the boiling water for few minutes, then cut it in the nice shape to be on the plate. After that, fry the egg and mold it using sunnyside egg shaper, and put it on the plate along with the vegetables as soon as it is cooked. Lastly, fry bacon and sausage as the finishing of the menu. Do not forget to serve it with sauce.

Written by Marantz

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