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Learning Sophrology to control stress level

Human’s life is never absent from any kinds of problems. And when the problems have become too much and occupied your mind, you will develop stress that is not good for your body. When this happens, people will usually prefer to take some drugs to reduce the stress. But this kind of medication is just so unhealthy for our body. If you want to control your stress level and still being healthy, soprhology is your only answers. If you have never heard about the term, you are about to find out all that you need about it right now,


What is sophrology?

It is no wonder that not a lot of people understand or even heard before about sophrology. The method is very much new to the psycology study where it was first introduced in late 60s. Only people who are really into eastern medication would be familiar with sophrology. The method of stress releasing of sophrology is also combining techniques that has already existed in the eastern society. Deep breathing, meditation, and muscle relaxation are all part of sophrology method to release stress by gaining control of our mind. When the mind is in balance, you get to control what your body feels such as stress or happiness.

The negative response

Of course just like many other eastern type medication, sophrology receives so many skepticism and negative response from a lot of people. But if you really want to learn the relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation) of sophrology, you need to open your mind and be not skeptic to the idea of the method. In order to master it, you will need to learn the method of deep breathing first and then move one to the meditation techniques. By combining the two, you can be aware of your mind and body, and you can start eliminating your depression.

Written by Marantz

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