New Unique Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

Everlasting Characters

Final Fantasy is a game with millions of fan from around the world. It is the game which brings the new sensation in the gaming industries especially with its very detailed aspects as an RPG game. Final Fantasy developers also love to create everlasting characters which mean that those characters can be found in almost every final fantasy series. Characters such as Chocobo, Behemoth, Bahamut, and other some other characters have emerged since Final Fantasy IV. The latest game of final fantasy series is the Final Fantasy XIV. It has the best 3-D graphic which is accompanied with a different gaming system from other final fantasy series. If we previously played Final fantasy as an RPG game, Final Fantasy XIV uses MMORPG system to enable interaction between players but still preserving its unique RPG style.


The Mount

Notwithstanding the different of the gaming system, Final Fantasy XIV has some similarities with other Final Fantasy series. The most noticeable similarity is the mount. The mount helps the main characters to travel faster where Chocobo appears to be the famous mount in Final Fantasy series. FFXIV mounts are similar with other series where it adopts Chocobo as one of the mounts. However, we will ride a wide variety of chocobos as FFXIV mounts that we won’t find in other final series.

Unique Mounts

FFXIV mounts are not only about chocobos whereas there are other mounts that are also obtainable throughout the game. Creatures such as Ahriman and Behemoth which often appears as strong enemies in Final Fantasy series can be taken for a ride. There are actually other unique FFXIV mounts such as Fenrir that usually appears as the summoned beast to assist us in battle whereas only in this game, we are able to ride this magnificent beast for real. In conclusion, this game is a must-play game especially because of its unique mounts.

Written by Marantz

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