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Play for Free: Taking Minecraft to Web Browser

The technology of internet has indeed given a great impact on gaming experience. Since it gave players the ability to connect with other players, playing games today cannot be associated to the act of casting one’s self away from social interactions. That ability is featured in online multiplayer games, which is a big hit among many young people around the world. As many gamers must have known, one of those games that are trending these days is Minecraft. One can either play this simulation game alone or with other players to build an imaginary world with resources that they find along the way.


Play Minecraft for free

Today, Minecraft is available in various platforms, from personal computers to mobile devices. However, it is a premium game and not everyone is willing to pay a certain amount of money to play it. Due to this reason, minecraftforfreenow.net would like to enable people to play Minecraft for free.


Minecraftforfreenow.net brings both single player and multiplayer mode of Minecraft to everyone’s browser using Java technology. Players can test their endurance against challenges in the survival mode or go co-op with their friends in the crafting mode. All it takes to use this website is just a Minecraft account to enable login. Anyone can still get kicked out of the service if he or she uses any kinds of cheat or unauthorized mods.


In order to ensure that this free version of Minecraft is working, players need to change their Java configuration in their PC’s Control Panel. After entering the setting menu, the “enable java content in the browser” option has to be turned off and one should input minecraftfreenow.net inside the site list. If everything is already set, go back to the website and refresh it. Now the game is already playable and fully functions.

Written by Marantz

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