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Register Emotional Support Dog

Some people think that there is difference in registering animal support and dog support and some people also think that service dog in not included in ESA or emotional support animal. The only reason is that service dog is under your therapist issue but for legal allowance actually all things that are related to support animal need to be registered in national emotional support animal including service dogs or your pets. In the statement of the permission, it is clearly stated that any animal is qualified for ESA including dogs. The only way to register emotional support dog is with legal ESA. It is better than you use another registry that may cost hundred dollars. Here we will show you some steps to register.


Ways to register

The first thing is that you need to know that any dog at any age can give emotional support for those who need mental care with dogs. You can ask service dog or other training dog to help you. The only condition to be allowed in choosing dog or pet is that you need to make sure that the pet is easy to be manageable and will not make any nuisance in public space as it can be the most concern when there is something wrong in public space. The convenience of other people in public space is the main concern.

The last way is to get the statement from your professional doctor of mental health, therapist, psychiatrist and other. The first statement is to state that you are his current patient, are current necessary to get dog support for mental care, are not able to do one of major activity and the last is statement that you are found mental disorder from the DSM IV or V. When you can get all of those requirements, you can your fast dog therapy.

Written by Marantz

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