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ReLIFE: A Second Chance in Life

What would you do if you are given the second chance to re-live your life again? What if you are given the opportunity to make it right this time despite all the mistakes that you have done previously? Wait, is it even possible to have such thing? Well, at least it is possible in the ReLIFE manga whose story and plot are about a given opportunity to a young man.


The Plot

Kaizaki Arata, a young man at the age of 27, realizes that he has not accomplished anything satisfying enough – at least not to his age and his life performance. At the age of 27, he is jobless and he hasn’t done anything important or valuable – even to himself and his surroundings. But things are about to change when he meets Yoake Ryou and his magical drug, a result of a scientific experiment. Arata is given a second opportunity to return to his 17-years-old appearance for a year. He gets to re-do his high school life and set up the right path to his adult life. Any mistakes that he has done from the previous life can be avoided and undone. So, what would Arata do? Will he change for the better? Will he succeed in doing so?

The Free Access

Sounds like a promising story that will keep you wanting more? ReLIFE definitely offers something unique and feels close to home. Everyone wants to have a second chance but life doesn’t work that way. But the manga gives you the opportunity that you can’t get from other forms of arts and this is one of the major reasons why people love it so much – some of them even become a dedicated and loyal fan.


If you want to read ReLIFE easily, you only need to browse the internet. You will find a lot of websites providing such free access.


Written by Marantz