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Tanning Bed Bulbs Replacement

If you have tanning bed bulbs at home, do regular check to see the effectiveness of the bulbs after several uses. One of the best maintenance for the bed is replacing the bulbs. Doing this would make the tanning machine works for longer time. Add to that, bulbs replacement saves you more money and time rather than getting new tanning bed.


What to include to the maintenance checklist anyway?

These are what you should do with your tanning bed

First, look in the tanning bed’s user manual.

Second, check the response of the bulbs whether or not you get the optimum result as you got from the machine at the first use.

Third, if you need to replace the bulbs, find out some information on what types of bulbs to use. Some home tanning beds are designed only to work with specific light bulbs produced by certain manufacturers. Go to online version if the manufacturers do not specify the brands. You can get it from ebay.

Fourth, understand the types of the bulbs. Each bulb has its own Time Exposure ratings and every tanning bed comes with a “Recommended Exposure Schedule.”

Fifth, browse the internet and find out the price of the bulbs.

Sixth, if you are not familiar with the terms of the bulbs, you had better contact a technician to help you replace the bulbs and learn what to do to make the tanning bed works best.

Bulb information is really important. Understanding the types of bulbs on the other sides may change your decision to use the tanning bed, for instance when your tanning bed uses high pressure light bulbs, which contain either mercury or argon that require safe disposal for environmental reason, then you may think of replacing the bulbs which are made from safer materials. Tanning should be your favorite activity that won’t harm your body and your environment.

Written by Marantz

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