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The False Rumor about Carrageenan

The ongoing debate about the carrageenan and whether it is dangerous for your health is basically silly. The reason for the rumor to spread wildly is mainly because of the media and the ignorance of the people to accept news just the way it is. If you are the type of a reader that only reads the bombastic headline without bothering to do some further checking, you may need to check your head. It would be better if you can change that not-so-positive behavior and be smart.

Carrageenan and the Danger

jCarrageenan has been a crucial part of the modern food industry. Almost all kinds of foods and drinks have the carrageenan in it. Because it is the natural thickener that improves the taste and also the texture of the food, a lot of food manufacturers use it in their production. After all, the FDA has always performed a regular checking and test. And so far, the result always shows good signs. If you want to use your logic and your head, the fact that the substance has been used in the modern food industry for more than 50 years has already spoken volumes about its quality and safety. There is no need to speak more about it.

The Rumors

So, you probably have heard about the carrageenan cancer and statements that scientific evidence show that the substance can cause cancer and other health issues. Feel free to believe it. But if you do some further checking, you’ll know that the scientific evidence isn’t completely true. Yes, they are real and the results are showing negative signs. However, the test subjects are poligeenan, not the carrageenan. Poligeenan IS dangerous; that’s why it has never been used in the food industry. The usage of poligeenan has been limited since a hundred years ago. If you are still doubtful about the safety of carrageenan, do your search well and thoroughly – it will enlighten you.

Written by Marantz