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Thoughtful Advice On Buying Waterproof Jackets And Walking Shoes

Enjoy the outdoors? Are you planning to enjoy it this summer? Well, you need exact clothes to make the trip become more comfortable. You need to have walking shoes and waterproof jackets in your list. Do you have them? Or still planning to buy one? Here are thoughtful advice to buy right waterproof jackets and walking shoes.

Waterproof jackets

As the name suggested, waterproof jackets can repel water. This kind of jacket is very useful for outdoor trip because the weather around mountain area is changing quickly. So you have to prepare yourself for worse situation. When you shop this jacket on the shop, especially in big retail shop, you will find many waterproofing jargon that will confuse you. Fret not; here is the guide for you.


  • Try the jacket first before buy it to ensure the best fit. Feel the product to your body, is it comfortable or not and so on.
  • If there is a seller representative there, ask to test the capability of the jacket. There are badly designed jackets that will deceive you because they can`t really repel water; instead let the water to seep in. You have to be careful for this.
  • Think about your trip. If you go with rucksack, you may want jackets that have pockets and zips.
  • If you don`t have time, you can shop online from popular and reputable outdoor clothing company. For example Patagonia. You can find their products at Patagonia outlet online from different stores. It is convenient way to buy waterproof jacket when you are busy.

Walking Shoes

For walking shoes, here is the advice:

  • Try the shoes first to get best-fitting shoes for you. This will avoid sore feet when you are travelling.
  • It is recommended you buy the shoes directly in the shop with specialist who will be willingly guiding you to choose the best shoes.

Written by Marantz

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