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Three Secret Facts of Carrageenan You Should Know Like Today

This time, you should restore your thoughts like “is carrageenan bad for me?”. Let’s change that mindset with positive vibes like “oh now, I realize that carrageenan is safe to consume”. This thinking is not totally wrong. In fact, there are health organization and study like WHO and FDA have observed that carrageenan is safety for consumption. What would you do when the study has proved it is safe to eat?

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Here are three facts you should know that carrageenan is amazing useful nature chemical:

  1. It has so many benefits for our life

After you read our carrageenan articles, you can draw the conclusion that it is not dangerous anymore. Yes, it is true. In addition, it has benefits when it is used for a food product, conventional medical, and give good effect to our health. carrageenan help to keep moisture the cooked meat, purifying the beer without changing the taste. However, it can give good effect to our health. carrageenan can be antioxidant support, gastric discomfort managing, and the last, digestive health support. Such useful chemical, right?

  1. Two different types of carrageenan

Do you know that there are two different types of carrageenan? They are degraded and undegraded carrageenan. And, the suitable one to use and safety to consume for a human is undegraded one. So, watch out!

  1. Carrageenan vs Poligeenan

Are they the same? The answer is actually not. Carrageenan is a food ingredient which is made from seaweed and the process is not using acid broth. However, poligeenan is a material that requires destructive process using acids and high temperatures at 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on that condition, carrageenan can be mixed with poligeenan. And the true fact is carrageen you eat, does not contain any poligeenan and it can change to become poligeenan during digestion.

When do you asking yourself “is carrageenan bad for consuming? then you directly answer, No!

Written by Marantz